Friday, April 19, 2024

Oh, nuts (not to mention potatoes)--the price I pay for Pesach goes beyond bread

Nuts are a triple threat--they aggravate my IBS and SIBO (look them up) *and* my acid reflux *and* my kidney stones.

White potatoes aggravate my arthritis.

And just about every kosher-for-Passover bakery product contains nuts, white potatoes, or both.

I'm also both gluten-intolerant and dairy-intolerant, so doctoring up my vile-tasting gluten-free oat matzah by covering it with cheese and making matzah pizza isn't an option.

I love Pesach, but Pesach doesn't love me.  Just pass me more charoset, please.


Blogger X said...

Well, you can eat regular kosher food on Pesach, can't you? Is eating gefilte fish OK for you, for instance?

I have celebrated recently by buying five giant cans of gefilte fish at the place where I work at a gigantic discount on all of them. They were certainly very delicious! Other than that, though, I didn't do anything special. No buying or making matza or anything of that sort. I celebrated much more intensely back when I still lived in Israel, but celebrating there was easier since we had a lot of relatives to celebrate with. (We're not members of a synagogue here in the US--not yet, at least. This might or might not *eventually* change.)

Sat Apr 27, 09:51:00 PM 2024  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Gefilte fish can be a problem if it contains matzah meal, since matzah is almost always made with wheat.

Wed May 01, 10:52:00 PM 2024  
Blogger X said...

Thanks. What about potato latkes?

Fri May 03, 08:18:00 PM 2024  

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